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Camilla Walker

Last July I was told that I was going to be a Grandma, I decided that I wanted to enjoy my time with my grandchildren so I had to do something about my weight.

Not only did I want to lose weight for family reasons, I also had my health to think about. I started to get very heavy periods and was diagnosed with Ovarian Fibroids, and I was told that losing weight would help ease my symptoms. Furthermore, I visited a private doctor for constant acid indigestion, he also advised me to lose weight and recommended a gastric band.

Having a gastric band was not something I was willing to do, so when I came across The Natural Ketosis Company I couldn’t have been happier.

The Natural Ketosis Company really suited my lifestyle. I lead a busy life and don’t have enough time to think about food, so a programme that provides meals that are already prepared and delivered to your door was very convenient.

I have to admit that the first month was tough. You have a complete carb detox so are stopping eating some of the foods that you love. I lost a stone straight away which was great for my motivation. Since then I lost a steady 1lb a week. I did sometimes have a plateau but I worked them through with my consultant and the nutrition team to get back on track.

I have become a real promoter of The Natural Ketosis Company, I love it as it really has worked for me and improved my health. Not only have I lost weight but the symptoms of my Ovarian Fibroids have improved dramatically, I no longer have any pain or suffer from heavy periods.

Results may vary from person to person.


Lorraine Stead

I realised that I needed to lose weight following a holiday to America. After arriving home I excitedly downloaded the photos to re-live all the beautiful places my husband and I had visited. However, seeing myself in the photos at the heaviest I had ever been (17st 6lb) made me feel awful. Not only that, it had been embarrassing when I struggled to get the seatbelt done up on the plane on the way home. I had also been experiencing mobility problems with my knee and my doctor had previously said that my weight was not helping the situation. My employer also had to have my work uniform trousers specially made which was very embarrassing.

I made the decision to lose weight but having previously tried most of the slimming clubs, I only ever lost about a stone before giving up. I decided to look on the internet at various reviews on weight loss, and that is how I found The Natural Ketosis Company. I called a Consultant to find out a bit more about them. Initially the convenience of having the meals delivered to me gained my interest and with the availability of a Personal Consultant on the end of the phone explaining everything, my decision was made.

My first delivery arrived and I was on my way. I found the plan easy to follow and the meals were always enjoyable. One of the most important things for me was still being able to visit restaurants and have a curry (after the initial Fat Burn Phase). While following The Programme I found going out for dinner easy as long as I avoided carbohydrates.

Only a few months into the diet and my friends were commenting on how amazing I looked. This has continued and has really boosted my confidence and kept me motivated to continue. Nine months later and I have lost 4st 1lb. I am still being supported by The Natural Ketosis Company even though I have not taken delivery of any meals since March.

I am very happy with my level of weight loss, based on the fact that throughout this period I have continued to have a busy social life. I went on a skiing holiday in a half board hotel, and with careful choices I even lost 2lb that week. I have also had several weekends away and two family weddings recently at which I wore size 14 and 16 dresses with very positive comments.

I am still 1st 13lb short of my target but I am confident that with continued support from The Natural Ketosis Team and the knowledge I now have to make good food choices, that I will get there. Oh and what knee problem?!  To make things even better, my new work uniform trousers are now a size 16!

Results may vary from person to person.

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