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Banned Slimming Drug Kills Medical Student

In September 2012 Sarah Houston was found by her flatmate after having taken a banned slimming pill. At 5:15pm Sarah was pronounced dead by paramedics. The pill she had been taking is banned in the UK but through an internet firm, Sarah was able to purchase and consume the banned substance DNP.

The BBC reports that Sarah’s parents, Geoff and Gina Houston have now begun to lobby government to implement changes so that such a tragic loss of life cannot happen in the future. Read the article here.

Atkins and the never-ending battle over carbs

A decade on from the death of the infamous Dr. Atkins the battle over carbohydrates continues to wage as fiercely as ever. Taking an opposing viewpoint to the governmental advice that a healthy diet is low fat and high carb, the low carb community quickly caused controversy.

The government remains faithful to its reductive principles ‘eat less – move more’ even though the low fat/high carb diet has failed to resolve the obesity epidemic. In fact we are heading further into the epidemic. Is it time we reconsider the government’s outdated and over-simplistic take on healthy eating?

Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Ruining Our Health

Last time we were talking about sugar on this blog it was discussing the miracle healing power of sugar on wounds. This time however it is back to business as usual as we continue to stress the addictive and damaging nature of sugar.

It seems like the Guardian is on our wavelength.

Stop Feeling Guilty, That Juicy Steak is Good for You

For a number of years saturated fat has been public enemy number 1. It was said that this food group was guaranteed to clog your arteries and affect your health.

Recently, however saturated fats have been shown to have beneficial effects, and may by no means be the troublemaker we have been led to believe. Check out the article here.

The Sinister Reason You Can Never Resist a Crisp

Have you ever felt like it was impossible to stop munching your way through a giant bag of crisps? Of course we all have, we suspect more often than any of us would care to admit. But it does not seem like this is a character failing, or an inability to stop.

Processed food manufacturers are consciously manipulating the ratio of sugar, salt and fat in their products in order to make them as addictive as possible. As if this weren’t bad enough they have been altering the shape of salt and the genetic makeup of sugar to make them as moreish as possible. Check out the article here.

Benefits of a Low Carb Diet in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study into the effects of a low carb diet on type 2 diabetes has been released recently. This is by no means the first time news of the benefits of a low carb diet in handling type-2 diabetes has surfaced.

Now it is just a case of getting people to listen. That is easier said than done, when low calorie diets have still not been left where they belong in the 80’s.

1 in 3 Gym Goers Don't Break a Sweat

At this time of year it seems like almost everyone has taken out an expensive gym membership, and seem to spend far too much of their time there.

A new article in the Guardian has made the claim that these so called ‘gym rats’ may not even be undertaking a rigorous workout while they are there. Preferring to take advantage of the spa facilities, big screen TV’s and volume of the opposite sex.

And all this time we non-gym goers have been the guilty ones. Well, no more.

There is No Defence for Sugar

Sugar has been touted as the main culprit for the obesity epidemic we are currently living through. However fat has long been the enemy of governmental advice, and is often touted as the reason for obesity. So says a recent article in the Guardian.

It seems that a storm is gathering over the current dietary advice from the government.

BMI – Perhaps not as accurate as we are lead to believe

Have you relied on the body mass index (BMI) to work out if you are a healthy weight? Well if you are short we have some bad news for you. A recent article in The Daily Mail has explained that Nick Trefethen of Oxford University’s Mathematical Institute believes that the body mass index formula, traditionally used to work out if someone is overweight is flawed. To combat this he has come up with his own formula, and his favours tall people.

Young Women Skip Meals to Save Calories for Drinking

People have been known to do some outrageous and more importantly dangerous things to ensure they maintain their figure. The Daily Mail has highlighted a recent craze that is particularly popular with University students, that has seen them nearly starving themselves during the day in order to binge drink in the evening.

And University students are supposed to be intelligent.

Nutrition- Negative to Nourishment

An article in the Telegraph has been published online today which explains that ‘Eat Less-Move More’ and processed low-fat foods are not aiding our battle with obesity. It also does little more than over-simplify a complicated argument, and diminish the complex relationship the human body has with food.

We like where this is going already.

Low Carb Diet Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

A recent study published by The John Hopkins University of Medicine, and covered in an article on the has explained how low carbohydrate diets have a greater chance of reducing the risk of heart disease than the low fat alternatives.

It appears that the evidence is beginning to stack up in favour of the low carb ethos.

Do Your Friends Make You Feel Fat?

It is well known that women will compare their bodies with one another and will often critically compare themselves to their closest female friends. But now there is some research that suggests women may take it one step further, and actually internalise their friend’s complexes and adopt them as their own.

Is what you are talking about with your friends affecting your body image? It may well be.

If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose This Weight

We are taking a break from degrading some of the more obscene fad diets today, in exchange for a fantastic article that discusses the psychological outlook that would aid weight loss.

In particular what is your aim? If it is anything but changing your habits for life, it won’t work. You have to aim to lose the weight and keep it off.

Weight Loss Surgery Seen as a Quick Fix

We have seen in the news today that weight loss surgery as has been sold as ‘quick fix’ for obese patients without adequate consideration of the risks. As with any weight loss method we believe it is highly important for any individual who wants to lose weight to be given full information and support. 

1 in 200 May Be Addicted to Food

A recent article in the Huffington Post has explained how scientists believe that people may suffer from food addiction, much in the same way people suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. This would lead to a complete change in the way psychiatrists view addiction, and in the future- could see food abuse become a diagnosable condition.

Diet Pills Return to America

This summer, the first weight loss pills in 13 years received FDA approval and will soon legally hit US markets. A recent article in the Guardian has covered the news. Does this sound too good to be true? Can weight loss really be as simple as swallowing a pill?

Well if the history of weight loss pills is any sort of precursor for the latest batch of wonder pills, users may be in for more than just weight loss.




When Given the Right Information Diets Can Work In the Long Term

This blog post focusses on sustainability. At The Natural Ketosis Company we understand how important it is to sustain your weight loss once you have completed the programme. Unfortunately not all weight loss companies understand how important this is which unfortunately can lead to many of their customer’s regaining the weight that they have worked so hard to lose.