How to survive a Low Carb Christmas

Christmas is upon us once again and soon we will be surrounded by tables full of food, boxes of chocolate and lots and lots of mulled wine. It can be a difficult time for all low carbers but with the right mindset, good habits and support you can manage the festive season like a pro. Check out our top tips on making it through Christmas without ending up with a belly like a bowl full of jelly. 


1. Set your goals

Be realistic about what will work for you over the next few weeks. While we would all love to stick 100% to our diets, it is not always possible. Whether you allow yourself a few days off or just want to enjoy the odd treat here and there, make sure that it is achievable for you to stick to.


2. Consistency is key!

Continuing to make the best possible choices over the festive period will stop things from spiraling out of control. If you know you are going to have a boozy evening or a big roast dinner, try to stick to low carb meals and snacks for the rest of the day to balance things our. Click here to view our Christmas Drinks Guide to help you make the best alcohol choices.


3. Don't fall into a negative mindset

Again, consistency is key here. It is really easy to think negatively if you have something not recommended by the diet and think that you have already ruined it so you may as well just eating more. You must remember that one small slip will not undo all of your progress. You need to get straight back on track and not dwell on what has happened, it cannot be changed. 


4. Keep snacks handy

Make sure that you have a snack or two packed in your bag so that you are not left feeling hungry when you are out and about. Letting yourself get too hungry can lead to you reaching for carbs to give you a very quick energy boost to perk you back up. 


5. Stay hydrated

It seems basic but making sure that you are drinking enough water can really help to keep you on track. When your body is thirsty it can be mistaken for hunger so we reach for more snacks or high carb foods to satisfy that hunger. Getting enough water will help to keep you full and stop you snacking unnecessarily. 


6. Bring a dish

If someone else is in charge of cooking Christmas dinner this year, it can be stressful not knowing what will be available when you sit down to eat. The great news is, the majority of a Christmas dinner is low carb. Fill your boots with turkey, pigs in blankets and veggies. If you are trying to stay low carb, avoid any potatoes. You could even prep your own low carb dish and take it along with you. Why not try something simple like cauliflower mashed with some butter and cream cheese or try a low carb take on a dauphinoise by swapping out the potatoes for celeriac.


7. Choose a date to get back on track 

If you do decide to take a few days off the diet to enjoy everything Christmas has to offer make sure that you pick a date to get restarted and stick to it. It is easy to let things slip for just one more day and before you know it it is 2 weeks later. 


8. Ask for help

Don't forget we are here to help. We know it can be hard to get back on track after a few days off. Hunger, cravings, side effects and lots and lots of left overs can make things tough but we are here to help. Chat to us if you need some tips or motivation to get going again.


Although our offices will be closed for a few days over Christmas and New Year, we will still be on emails so please do feel free to drop us a message if you need any help or advice.



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