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I was doing really well on this programme almost reaching my goal weight until just recently when a combination of very long days working, cold weather and dark days has led me to fall for lazy eating and comfort food. So I have put on 5lbs and I fear it is slowly increasing again. I have little time to organise my food and have resorted to gluten free porridge in the morning, chocolate and yes, more wine than is allowed (though still not excessive). I am usually tired in the evenings so though I stick to protein and vegetables I have been eating sandwiches at lunch time. ...when really I should eat the soups! I know ultimately this is about my own self discipline but any encouragement or suggestions as to how to compensate for the need to eat carbs on cold tiring days would be appreciated.
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Hi Sarahkate57,

This time of year can definitely have it's challenges. However do not worry!

If you would like to have a chat with us about what will work best with your lifestyle then please do not hesitate to call us on our freephone number 0800 862 0099 or alternatively email:

I hope this helps :)
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Sarahkate - try and remember why you want to do this - get the goal going in glorious technicolour! I find salad is still satisfying at this time of the year as long as you are in a warm environment! But then again sandwiches are cold food! Good luck.
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