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May' 2015

What is Better - Weight Loss or Looking Slimmer?

In your quest for a better more slimmer, toned body, it is important to ensure that you are fuelling your body correctly. Navigating the “healthy” food environment can be daunting as each product states that it will give you the essential fuel your body desperately needs to get to your goal better and faster. However, how true are these claims? Especially if you are spending a good deal of time being vigilant with your food choices and not seeing the results you were hoping for?


The majority of “healthy” food out there is made up of a variety of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are pictured as being the most beneficent of all the food groups as they are low in calories and low in fat , however unknown to many, there is a better way to achieve positive body tone results and lose weight - and that is to eat a well balanced nutrient dense low carbohydrate ketogenic diet.

How can a Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle Help?

By changing your dietary habits and choosing to eat items that are lower in sugars and starches will help to minimise the constant blood sugar spikes which will in turn lead to a stable levels of insulin.

Once insulin levels are stabilised, the body will start to look at using other sources to fuel itself, mainly fat and protein. By following a dietary lifestyle that is low in carbohydrates will allow the body to naturally start burning unwanted body fat for energy - the fat that has been deposited in the abdomen area as well as in other area of the body.

This will in turn not only result in changes on the scale but also translate into changes in body shape and tone as the body is essentially fuelling itself from it’s unwanted body fat deposits.

Natural Ketosis

The Natural Ketosis way of doing things is quite simple. We promote a low-carb, high-protein, moderate-fat diet. Although we are in the same school of thought as Atkins, our approach to diet and lifestyle is different.

Following a low sugar, low starch approach to health, weight loss and for an improvement in your body tone will help your metabolism to use body fat exclusively for fuelling your body. The end result will see a positive improvement to your body tone as any fat stored under the skin “melts” away as it has been used up for energy. A diet regimen such as the one offered by Natural Ketosis allows your body to preserve and build muscle whilst reducing the amount of body fat stored underneath our skin.

The Natural Ketosis way not only helps you to lose weight, but most importantly helps you to feel and look slimmer. It is about being healthy and making the right choices. Feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll answer any questions you have and help you make an informed decision.