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August' 2013

Paleo - Can We Have A Modern Version?

Loren Cordain’s vision of us all eating grass fed cattle and collecting our organic berries while avoiding all dairy is pretty cool… if you live near a Wholefoods and don’t enjoy the odd French soft cheese. However, for many of us, it is hard even when we agree with the principals. 

Yet that does not mean we can’t find a sensible half way house which ensures that you get nearly all the benefits of pure Paleo, without the misery of extremism.

To be ‘Pure Paleo’ you must avoid all dairy and only eat grass fed beef. Followers of a Pure Paleo diet should not have any farmed fish and must avoid (at all times!) pulses, cereals, rice and vegetables that are poisonous in their raw state, such as potatoes. This can be quite challenging for many – however, there is another alternative to the Pure Paleo and at Natural Ketosis, we call this Evolved Paleo which sticks to the following Palaeolithic principals:

  • Base your meals on whole non processed protein
  • Eat foods when in season locally
  • Avoid all pulses and soya
  • Eat foods that are not poisonous in their natural raw state.

This is fundamentally a low carb diet.

The benefits of an all Paleo and healthy low carb diet is the combination of high levels of leucine protein (for building muscle and driving metabolic rate as well as satiety), combined with low a glycaemic load so that the body does not produce too much insulin.  Unfortunately, most of the UK population today have high GL diets with little or insufficient animal protein.