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July' 2013

It's All About Lucien Protein

Knowing that protein is good for you is now widely understood by men in gyms, who have long been guzzling protein shakes at every opportunity. Weight Watchers have also kindly introduced ‘pro-points’ to reflect the importance of protein.

This is all good news generally, but what is less well known are the key variations between different protein sources, and the frequency of intake of protein.

There is a remarkable difference between protein which is found in animal products rather than vegetable products - such as pulses and fungi. A leading researcher into protein, Donald K Layman PhD, illustrates in a paper on Thermogenesis and Body Composition that only protein that has come from animal products (whether it is dairy, meat or fish) really delivers the following benefits. This is known as Lucien protein:

  • Improves body composition – build muscle and reduce fat
  • Protects and repairs muscles
  • Increases thermogenesis – improves metabolic rate
  • Increases satiety
  • Enhances glycaemic regulation

However to get all these benefits you also need to ensure that you eat the right protein at each meal rather than at one or two meals a day.

A hidden benefit of moving away from vegetarian protein is the avoidance of inflammatory indicators which come with high intake of soya and pulses.

Unilever’s Unfair Influence

Having been founded by a lawyer, we at Natural Ketosis are used to reading long boring documents in search of hidden gems. In the last few years we have been carefully following the activities of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN). This was set up to provide robust scientific support for the health guidelines given out by the Food Standards Authority and others on what we should or should not be eating.

Essentially, all guidelines on what is and is not good for us is set by the SACN team.

SACN is an organisation separate from NICE or the NHS. It is supposed to be independent and Natural Ketosis has been assured by government officials there is no undue influence. Call us old fashion but we find it hard to believe that this is the case, when two of the leading influencers are clearly associated with two significant global food companies. We have Dr David Mela (an employee of Unilever – owner of Flora, the biggest low fat product) and Prof Ian MacDonald (who is in the pay of Coca Cola).

What is even more interesting is that they both sit on a subcommittee currently reviewing the influence of carbohydrates in our diet. 

When our founder, Hannah, challenged the government on independence they assured her that they had had a clear disclosure on commercial interests.

Umm… not sure that we are any more comfortable with that response, especially when no one else on the committee has any expertise in bio chemistry or nutrition.