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August' 2012

When Given the Right Information Diets Can Work In the Long Term

This blog post focusses on sustainability. At The Natural Ketosis Company we understand how important it is to sustain your weight loss once you have completed the programme. Unfortunately not all weight loss companies understand how important this is which unfortunately can lead to many of their customer’s regaining the weight that they have worked so hard to lose.


An article in the Huffington Post entitled ‘Why Diets Don’t Work: Study Says Dieting Can Actually Cause Weight Gain In The Long Term’ has argued that trying to lose weight can actually result in you putting on weight in the long-run.

The article is based on a study by Joseph Proitto, a professor of medicine at the University of Melbourne. In the study 50 overweight women and 50 overweight men were placed on a diet for 8 weeks where they were only allowed to eat 550 calories. They were also given advice on healthy eating over the following year through counselling.

The participants of the study did manage to lose weight but many of them gained a considerable amount over the following year, many also reported to being more fixated on food and felt hungrier.

According to the study, as a result of the diet, the participants metabolisms slowed down, leading them to gain weight as more of the food that they ate was stored in the body as fat.

This study does not focus on the big picture of diets, not all diets require people to reduce their calorie intake to only 550 calories. This is a Very Low Calorie Diet, you may be familiar with them, these types of diet quite often promote drinking shakes and soups in order to lose weight. 

It’s no wonder the participant's regained weight when they finished the diet. With these types of diet when you go back to eating normal foods, you will end up gaining weight. Furthermore, when you restrict calories so much your metabolism does slow down, leading you to gain weight easily.

At The Natural Ketosis Company the meals provided are high in protein and low in starch. By restricting your carbohydrate intake, not calories, your body will go into its natural fat burning phase leading you to lose weight. In addition, we do not only focus on losing weight, we also understand the importance of sustaining your weight loss. 

We decided to share our views on the article with the below post.


The article did mention that the participants of the study were given counselling to encourage healthy eating habits. This however, was not expanded on and, in our opinion is the most important part of the study if they are looking at maintaining weight loss. 

At the Natural Ketosis Company, we have in house qualified nutritionists who guide and educate our customer’s on the foods they should be eating once they finish the programme. We provide all of the information required in order to sustain your weight loss.

Therefore we don’t think it is a case of diets not working in the long term. Instead it is important when choosing a weight loss company, to choose one that understands the importance of keeping the weight off by giving you all the information that is required for you to maintain your weight loss once you have finished the programme.