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Natural Ketosis Weight Loss: Everyone is Different

We are all different and that's why we like to speak to you to ensure that we understand your challenges and diet history. Take 5mins out of your busy day and find out why this can work for you better than anything else you have tried.

Ketosis is proven to be the fastest way to lose weight, but for most ketosis and ketogenic is synonymous with shakes and meal replacements. With our programme you will be in ketosis with only real, natural whole food delivered to your door. No shakes, no meal replacements and no boredom. Amazing results without the need for hunger or deprivation.

Fast weight loss

Fast results are great, but we want more. We also want your weight loss to last and that is why our programmes are designed to transition you from dependence to independence for life. No other diet has such long lasting sustainable results.

Ketogenic diet support

Support and Nutrition

We offer fully supported programmes for those who want more than just the food. Whether you would like a regular support call or need advice on eating out, we are here and ready to help.

Our nutrition teams' extensive knowledge and passion for healthy, natural food enables them to provide specialised, individual advice to those who require specific dietary or nutritional support.



You do not need to exercise to see great results but if you do like to get active or already very active we will take this into consideration when creating your programme to ensure you get the best from your exercise regime alongside your new diet.

Costs and Pricing


Prices for the packages range from £6.50 - £10 per day. Programmes are built around you, your goals and needs.

Investing a few minutes in yourself to complete a consultation will help us, together, design and build a programme to achieve your goal on your budget.

Consultations are free and can be completed by phone, email or online chat.

Speak to a consultant today

If you feel you would like to speak to someone today about the Natural Ketosis Programme, please call 0333 311 1040 or contact us here.

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