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Natural Ketosis Weight Loss: Everyone is Different

We’re all different. That’s why you need your own bespoke weight loss programme that’s designed specifically for you.

Many of the people we help have battled with their weight, sometimes for what seems like most of their adult life. We see lots of women, and men who have gradually put on weight over the years. Many have lost weight whilst on a diet, only to gradually put the weight back on. We regularly hear from people who are resigned to being 3 or more stone overweight for the rest of their lives. It’s a familiar story.

For these people, food is often seen as the enemy. Clothes shopping seen as a demeaning and thoroughly unpleasant experience and what little self esteem they have, is at rock bottom. Yet behind these similar experiences is a weight problem that’s unique to them.

All of you reading this will have your own story

Some of you will use food as a crutch, a comfort. Some of you will be able to point to a particular trigger in your life when you gradually started to gain a few pounds, then a few more, until your weight became a serious issue. Some of you may well be suffering with diabetes or other health problems related to your weight.

Here at The Natural Ketosis Company, we understand that all our clients' needs are unique and that every client’s history is different. Only by having a thorough understanding of your diet history, lifestyle, health profile and experiences are we able to then tailor the most effective weight loss solution for you.

Visual Journey to Wellness

Hover or click on each icon to understand more about the journey…

  • Ketosis

    You will be burning fat for energy and you will start losing inches

  • Feeling Full

    The protein in meals will keep you feeling fuller for longer; the ketones released during ketosis will also suppress your appetite.

  • More Energised

    By cutting starch and sugar from the diet, your body is supplied with consistent supply of energy

  • Stable Moods

    You will see a reduction in moods swings as blood sugar levels are stabilised

  • Improved Cholesterol

    You will see health improvements on the inside, like improved cholesterol profile and lowered blood pressure

  • Healthy Skin and Hair

    Results will also show on the outside with beautiful skin and hair

  • Slimmer forever!

Programme Breakdown

Select a stage to understand how each part of the Natural Ketosis programme unfolds,

  1. 1. Fat Burn
  2. 2. Fast Inch Loss
  3. 3. Transition
  4. 4. Independence
Programme Breakdown

Fat Burn

During the Fat Burn Phase the unique combination of food provided on the Natural Ketosis Programme will induce ketosis – the body’s natural state of fat burning. To kick start fast weight loss you will receive all natural, high protein, high fibre breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats.

The Fat Burn Phase’s special selection of foods have been put together to offer the lowest carbohydrate option meals to get the weight moving. In addition to the selection of foods provided on The Natural Ketosis Programme, you will need to add certain fresh produce. We provide a detailed list of the fruit, vegetables and dairy we recommend you use to accompany the meals.

Your dedicated Personal Consultant is at hand to provide guidance as you make this important change.

Fast Inch Loss

As you move into Fast Inch Loss, the variety of meals you will enjoy increases as you are provided with our full range of meals. Indulgences like treats and puddings are also included more generously during Fast Inch Loss.

While still firmly in ketosis and seeing changes to your figure, during Fast Inch Loss we do encourage you to start to embrace the lifestyle that will keep you slim and healthy. Using our carefully constructed eating out guide, you can start to enjoy eating at restaurants and out with friends. Having a drink, from our list of recommendations, is also something you can welcome back during Fast Inch Loss.


The Transition Phase is the beginning of the process of ensuring you stay Slimmer, Forever. This critical phase will be the first step to independence as you learn to prepare meals for yourself, but with a new approach that will help ensure you keep weight off after completing The Programme.

During Transition you will receive all breakfast, snacks and treats from The Natural Ketosis Company and only one lunch or dinner per day. You will be preparing one meal for yourself each day, following specially designed recipes provided through The Programme.

The advice and guidance provided by our expert team of nutritionists is particularly pivotal as you make this important change of lifestyle. One-to-one consultations with a qualified nutritionist will provide you with specialist advice tailored to your needs.


During Independence you will be preparing all lunches and dinners for yourself as your confidence, in choosing the right foods to help your metabolism and body keep you slim, grows. All breakfasts, snacks and treats will be provided as part of your Programme.

Advice and consultations with our nutrition team are, again, instrumental during this phase to ensure you are equipped with all the essential knowledge necessary to help you keep the weight off for life.

This Phase is about working together with the natural physiological changes your body has experienced during The Programme and making educated choices on what food to eat to sustain success. Keeping weight off will never be about deprivation or calorie counting again.

Ketogenic diet support


Without support the journey to sustainable weight loss seems daunting, if not impossible. Losing weight can feel like an isolated and lonely mission. Having to motivate yourself when everyone around you continues as normal, is difficult and sometimes ignoring temptations, hopeless.

The Natural Ketosis Company recognises that without the qualified support of a Personal Consultant success, on any diet, may be hard to achieve.

The support provided is personal and discreet. There are no meetings or weigh-ins and the advice offered is tailored to your particular experience. Your consultant will help determine which Natural Ketosis Programme is right for you by obtaining a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, diet history and personal circumstance. Once we have you started on your programme, your Personal Consultant will stay with you throughout your programme.

The supported provided is tailored to empower and educate clients. Inevitably maintaining weight loss is about changing what you eat for life and The Natural Ketosis Company will equip you with all you need to be Slimmer, Forever.


As science and the latest developments in clinical studies define The Natural Ketosis Programme, our team of nutrition and weight loss experts are behind the development of The Programme. Adherence to strict health and nutrition guidelines ensure we offer a solution for effective weight loss, which is sustained for life.

The nutrition team’s extensive knowledge and passion for healthy, natural food enables them to provide specialised, individual advice to clients who require special dietary or nutritional information. Nutritionists are experts in understanding how different foods are metabolised in the body and therefore can provide bespoke advice for successful weight loss.

Special, personalised consultations with a nutritionist will ensure each client is successful on their weight loss journey, as the team uses the special food on The Natural Ketosis Programme to protect clients’ metabolic rate and change what you eat for life. The nutrition team’s support will become particularly valuable as you move to phases on the diet designed to help change the way you eat.

Staying abreast of the latest research and developments in the world of nutrition is vitally important in order to provide relevant and informed advice to our clients. With this in mind, our nutrition team has access to the very latest research, which they critically explore and relate to their work with The Natural Ketosis Programme.

Nutrition Support


You do not have to do exercise for The Natural Ketosis Programme to deliver long lasting results.

However, exercise is still key for improving and maintaining general health. Exercise is good for maintaining a healthy heart, for improving cholesterol profile and helping to prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Exercise at the end of The Natural Ketosis Programme can also help maintain weight loss, but is not essential.

If you choose to exercise during The Natural Ketosis Programme, resistance training, coupled with the high protein content of the food you will eat on The Programme, will help with more muscle definition, building and toning.

Everyone will have different needs when it comes to exercise, with different intensities, duration and frequency prescribed to suit each clients’ particular needs. If you are interested in exercising during The Programme, our team of nutrition experts are at hand to provide bespoke advice on exercise for great results.


The Natural Ketosis Programme is a bespoke solution and is tailored entirely to suit the needs of each of our clients. Depending on the particular requirements of each of our clients, along with the length of the programme necessary to achieve success, prices will vary.

The cost of the ideal Programme will be advised during your consultation. This consultation is an entirely no obligation call, which will help our Personal Consultants establish the best solution for you. Once we have this information, we will be able to advise on an accurate price.

We understand that when making any commitment, it does bring some comfort having an idea of price, to ensure it is affordable. To provide some idea of the cost of The Natural Ketosis Programme, the monthly cost of our average programme is £67.15 per week, or £9.59 per day.*

For an accurate price appraisal, please contact a Personal Consultant today.

* This is based on the full price of a 16 Week Programme

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