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Natural Ketosis Weight Loss: Everyone is Different

We’re all different. That’s why you need your own bespoke weight loss programme that’s designed specifically for you.

Many of the people we help have battled with their weight, sometimes for what seems like most of their adult life. They have tried all kinds of diets from counting calories to total starvation but most seem to struggle either with the speed of weight loss or sustainability. That is because most diets are about the diet and not the dieter and this is why we work with you on a one to one basis.

Here at The Natural Ketosis Company, we understand that your body and needs are unique and that what worked for your friend or neighbour may not work for you and vice versa which is why we design your diet around you and your diet history and your goals and your body.

Fast weight loss

For many people losing weight is hard because it is slow or it is about deprivation. Losing just 2lbs a week on a low calorie diet can be soul destroying unless you have iron will and the patience of a saint and whilst the shake diets work fast they don’t deliver long term results that whole food diets do.

With our programme you can have whole food, three proper meals a day as well as snacks and treats while being in ketosis which delivers fast weight loss. No other whole food diet programme can deliver this.

Whether you are following a low calorie or a very low calorie diet change the road you are on and find out about how you can lose weight fast with real whole natural food.

Ketogenic diet support

Support and Nutrition

Keeping to a diet that delivers fast weight loss with just real food is not hard but we want our clients to achieve more than fast weight loss – we are looking for long term success which is slimmer forever.

To achieve long term success we need to change the way we eat for life which is why our programmes builds in a period of training and learning. Changing what you want to eat takes time and effort and for many this is where the support really counts. The support provided is personal and discreet. There are no meetings or weigh-ins and the advice offered is tailored to your particular experience.

Nutrition is at the very core of everything we do. The nutrition team’s extensive knowledge and passion for healthy, natural food enables them to provide specialised, individual advice to clients who require special dietary or nutritional information. Nutritionists are experts in understanding how different foods are metabolised in the body and therefore can provide bespoke advice for successful weight loss.



You do not have to do exercise for The Natural Ketosis Programme to deliver long lasting results.

However, exercise is still key for improving and maintaining general health. Exercise is good for maintaining a healthy heart, for improving cholesterol profile and helping to prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Exercise at the end of The Natural Ketosis Programme can also help maintain weight loss, but is not essential.

If you choose to exercise during The Natural Ketosis Programme, resistance training, coupled with the high protein content of the food you will eat on The Programme, will help with more muscle definition, building and toning.

Everyone will have different needs when it comes to exercise, with different intensities, duration and frequency prescribed to suit each clients’ particular needs. If you are interested in exercising during The Programme, our team of nutrition experts are at hand to provide bespoke advice on exercise for great results.

Costs and Pricing


Our prices range from £8.50 per day depending on the programme that you choose. Ring today to find out what your programme might look like and how quickly you might be at your goal weight and slimmer forever.

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