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The Natural Ketosis Company was started in 2005 to help people change their body shape, the natural and sustainable way. Inspired by the effectiveness of a high protein, low sugar and low starch diet for weight loss,The Natural Ketosis Company produced a range of natural foods that would make the transition from fat gain, to fat burn, as easy and as sustainable as possible.

The first products were launched into high street shops in 2005, but the need to offer consumers the full range of foods meant the company moved from a retail environment, to an online home delivered service in 2008.

At the core of the business is Integrity and Empathy. The integrity of the products and the science supporting the now, very well developed Programmes, is paramount. Whilst it would have been easier to use cheap or artificial ingredients, the products remain true to their roots of natural and sustainable, so that this is not a diet, but a way of eating. The Natural Ketosis Company is strongly empathetic towards every person who has struggled with their weight and the massive challenge it is to really change how you eat for life.

The vision for The Natural Ketosis Company is to deliver real long term change for all its clients through the power of metabolic change and health improvement, from switching to a diet which is high in protein and low in starch and sugar.

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